AscendTMS allows document processing via text

InMotion Global announced it has released an industry first with its Document Processing and Management, the ability to get incoming load documents via text message.

It allows AscendTMS users to request that their drivers text in their POD and load document images from the field, according to the company. The texted images are automatically appended to the correct load within AscendTMS in real-time.

“Getting the driver paperwork in, from the field, is key to getting paid faster,” said Tim Higham, president and CEO of InMotion Global. “AscendTMS now lets a driver text his paperwork in while on the road and we attach it to the right load for the AscendTMS user. This means that signed load paperwork arrives in the office in seconds, not days or weeks. This means everyone gets paid faster.”

According to the company, all updates and new features are released for free to premium users every two weeks. In addition, all new feature ideas requested by users are written for free as long as the entire user community benefits from the new idea, the company said.

“This is a true industry first.” Higham continued. “No other TMS in the world does this. The driver does not need any phone app to install and it is totally free to use. AscendTMS simply sends the driver a request for his paperwork via a special text message. They snap a picture of the paperwork and simply reply to the text message. AscendTMS does the rest and the load document is in front of the AscendTMS user in seconds. Everyone gets paid faster and our users have an organized, paperless, office. This is truly revolutionary.”

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