Havco unveils new composite floor

Havco Wood Products LLC, a leading provider of composite flooring for trucking applications, has rolled out the Fusion Floor, which it calls the “newest generation” of composite flooring.

Havco said the new floor boasts these advancements: State-of-the-art PUR hotmelt gluing technology, improved durability, and a stronger glass fiber-reinforced composite.  The company said the Fusion Floor provides a floor rating up to 35,000 lbs “while remaining lighter and longer lasting than any other trailer floor available today.”

“We are extremely proud of Fusion Floor,” said Bruce Bader, president & CEO of Havco. “There’s absolutely nothing else out there that’s as durable and delivers the same level of ROI.  That’s why we made the underside of Fusion Floor red. When people see the red layer, they’ll know they’re getting the highest quality composite floor– the Fusion Floor.”

The company pointed out that since the introduction of its original Havco Composite Floor, that product  has “led the industry in quality and durability” as compared to traditional hardwood flooring because it “demonstrates a higher fatigue resistance, superior weight savings, greater durability and improved nailability.”

Havco also reported that a 10-year study it conducted on its existing composite floor showed that “after a decade of consistent, everyday use, the Havco Composite Floor still retained an unprecedented 80% of its original strength.”

“The road study tested our first generation of composite floor design, and the results were amazing,” said Bader. “Our latest composite floor, Fusion Floor, incorporates even higher quality materials, further improving our customer’s return on investment.

“We understand the prospect of buying trailer flooring can feel like a gamble,” he continued. “We want to change that.  Trailer floors need to last several years with little or no maintenance, and be versatile to haul any load.  Fusion Flooris more than a safe bet, it’s a sure thing.”

Havco will offer Fusion Floor for the North American market beginning fall 2012.

Havco Wood Products LLC is headquartered in Cape Girardeau, MO with a second manufacturing facility in Vonore, TN. The company has been providing high-quality oak flooring for the trucking industry for over a quarter of a century.

The company added that its composite flooring “combines strong, decay-resistant oak with a high-strength glass fiber-reinforced composite.”




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