Prepare now for winter weather

It’s hard to think of winter on a bright, sunny summer day. But now is the time to take steps to ensure your trucks are ready to roll when temperatures drop and the wind starts to howl.

Here are some areas of the truck that should get extra attention during PMIs leading up to winter.

  • Cooling system: Check coolant levels and make sure the coolant is at optimum freeze point and that the additive levels are correct. Inspect the radiator and all hoses looking for leaks. Make sure hoses are secure and all clamps are tight.
  • Batteries: Test the strength of the vehicle’s batteries. It is harder to start a truck in cold weather so you want to make sure batteries are in peak condition. Cold temperatures can drain batteries more quickly so it is important to ensure you start winter with good batteries. Also check other parts of the electrical system like the alternator and starter.
  • Windshield Wipers: Check the integrity of the blades and make sure the windshield washer fluid reservoir is full of winter blend fluid.
  • Tires: Traction is critical in the winter when roads can be snow covered and slippery. Check tire pressure and measure tread depth. Also look for signs of tire wear and damage.
  • Lighting/Wiring: Make sure all lighting connections are solid and check wires for fraying and other damage. Also check the illumination level of the lights. Replace lights that seem dim.
  • Brakes: Spend a few minutes checking braking performance and make sure the air dryer is working properly.
  • Drivers: Now is a great time to review safe winter driving tips with drivers reminding them to accelerate and decelerate carefully and to slow down on wet, icy or snow covered roads.

Spending a few minutes while the weather is nice getting your trucks ready for winter will help ensure they won’t be sitting on the side of the road when Old Man Winter comes calling.

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