Suppliers must show payback of technologies, says Bendix’s McAleese

LOUISVILLE, KY.  Predicting that trucking will experience “the power of advanced technologies over the next two to three years,” Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems president and CEO Joe McAleese said it is the responsibility of industry suppliers “to drive acceptance [of technology] by providing payback to fleets” that goes beyond meeting federal regulatory requirements.

Hours of service, CSA, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, reduced stopping distance, vehicle stability control, and collision mitigation are all subject to recent government regulatory activity and will need to be addressed by technology, he said during a press conference at the Mid-America Trucking Show.

“Technology can and does make the difference,” he said. “The key for us as suppliers is to provide that payback for users.”

In other company news, Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake, a joint venture with Dana Commercial Vehicle Products, said it was prepared to help truck makers meet the next phase of Federal reduced stopping distance regulations. Phase 1, which went into effect in August 2011, covered three-axle tractors with GVWRs up to 59,600 lbs. This next phase, which rolls out this Aug., will cover two-axle tractors and those over the 59,600 lb. GVWR limit.

Among the strategies developed by Bendix are new brake offerings with larger chambers and higher performance friction materials, according to Fred Andersky, director of government affairs. 

While those regulations only apply to truck manufacturers, Bendix also has begun a campaign to remind fleets that these new higher-performance drum brake systems will not retain that better stopping distance unless replacement linings also use high-performance friction materials.

In company tests, those drum brake systems relined with no high performance aftermarket shoes took up to 96 ft. longer to stop compared to those with the higher performance friction materials.

In related news, Bendix announced the launch of a web-based training tool for brake technicians.  Bendix On-Line Brake School provides access to technical materials as well as short, focused Training videos. Registration is open to both companies and individuals, according to Barbara Gould, director of communications.

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