Omnitracs Sylectus Truckload TMS streamlines dispatch, load planning

Scalable TMS designed for maximum flexibility, ease of access for any size carrier

DALLAS. Fleet management and logistics technology provider Omnitracs announced the launch of Sylectus Truckload TMS, which the company describes as "a highly flexible, fully capable TMS solution tailored to the truckload industry that is accessible from anywhere."

Truckload TMS provides a streamlined means of modifying resources on a dispatched load and a calendar-based approach to load planning that allows carriers to simplify fleet asset management, according to Omnitracs.

Features of the Omnitracs Sylectus web-based TMS are designed to complement Alliance Network, which allows carriers to scale their capacity to customer demand "in real time." With features such as non-billable stops and an enhanced load-planning screen, dispatchers can customize routing on a load-by-load basis and switch drivers, trailers and power units on dispatched loads. With the ability to hook and track trailers on brokered loads, the technology aims to make it easy for back-office staff to modify resources associated with a dispatched load.

"To ensure we continue to meet and exceed the needs of the growing cadre of fleets that rely on our SaaS-based TMS, we continually seek ways to increase the effectiveness and convenience of our solutions," stated Kim Drouillard, director of sales at Omnitracs Sylectus. "Companies with a wide variety of operational profiles have realized the advantages of our highly flexible platform and unique collaborative network, and these new product enhancements deliver added value against a backdrop of today's ever-evolving industry landscape."

The Omnitracs Sylectus Truckload TMS interface allows users to operate seamlessly in different transportation modes and handle multiple activities such as resource administration and scheduling, according to the company. Fleets can leverage the platform to consolidate management functions, simplify financial and operational reporting and minimize scheduling complexity, all from a single TMS.

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