Trailer tracking device updated

GeoLok, the trailer tracking technology from TrakLok Corp., has been updated to allow it to fit a broader range of trailers. The updated GeoLok features a lighter, easier to install platform while retaining the robust physical security, alarm system, and tracking features of the original system, TrakLok said.

The system combines physical security with real-time global monitoring and an onboard alarm system. GeoLok withstands prying, cutting, or impact tools and will send alerts for unauthorized attempts to access cargo, TrakLok said. The company offers geofencing and chronofencing capability that prohibits the lock from opening if it is outside a prescribed area and time frame.

“Our product design and marketing team did a great job of developing a product that will work for a broad range of cargo security applications,” said TrakLok CEO Tom Mann.  “This product provides carriers an integrated system not available with current cargo security systems on the market.”

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