Real-time driver coaching for fuel economy

Real-time driver coaching for fuel economy

NASHVILLE. Vnomics Corp. has announced a standalone driver monitoring and coaching system that can be integrated with any third-party telematics service. True Fuel identifies a truck and driver’s actual and maximum potential fuel economy in real time, offering the driver instant feedback to help them reach that maximum goal, according to Alan Farnsworth, CEO.

Currently deployed with the company’s own telematics service, the fuel optimization system is already delivering 3% to 10% fleet wide fuel savings in “several thousand” trucks, he said during a press conference at the Technology and Maintenance Council annual meeting. The new standalone version will now extend that capability to other telematics platforms.

Installation only requires mounting a small control unit and a single data cable connection, a process that usually takes less than 15 minutes, according to the company.  Using real-time calculations based on vehicle make, mode and age, as well as terrain and load, it compares a driver’s performance to the potential maximum under current conditions.  Audible tones prompt the driver to take immediate action to approach that theoretical goal.

True Fuel also provides fleet managers with analytical data via a web portal that can be used to target driver training, identify problem vehicles and create driver incentive programs.

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