Transportation economist Noeumll Perry briefs supply chain executives as Internet Truckstop Group founder and CEO Scott Moscrip looks on
Transportation economist Noël Perry.

Transportation economist Noël Perry launches Transport Futures site

The Transport Navigator is an enhanced version of his long-running newsletter, “State of Freight.”

Noël Perry,’s chief economist, has launched a new website, Transport Futures. The site will serve as Perry’s platform to share industry insights about the wide variety of transport issues that cross his desk.

A key feature of Perry’s new site is his blog The Transport Navigator. Blog subscribers will not need to wait for monthly publishing schedules to see an analysis of breaking news. “If it moves, I’m watching it – and thinking deeply about it," Perry said. "I wanted a place where I could share information as soon as good data is available, allowing my readers to react to market pressures right now."  

Noël will continue his affiliation with, using the data he gleans from this relationship in his thought leadership content. The Transport Navigator is an enhanced version of his long-running newsletter, “State of Freight” published by FTR Intelligence, although Perry is no longer associated with FTR. His new work will reflect the additional time and creative freedom he now has to devote to his unique brand of analysis and will be available exclusively through Transport Futures. 

“I’ve always been fascinated by the radical changes that have revolutionized the transportation industry,” Perry said. “My choice in naming my new site Transport Futures is a pointed reminder of that interest.”

Perry’s current analysis, titled “Declare Victory at Your Own Risk” is the lead contribution to his new blog, The Transport Navigator.  Subscribers will learn what those risks are along with a steady stream of Perry’s other insightful writing.

You can find this and other offerings from Transport Futures at

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