CNP offers new illuminated signs for trucks

CNP Signs & Graphics announced a new patented sign product available to the public for the first time. This illuminated sign offering provides truck owners/operators with the ability to display their brand on both the tractor and the trailer so that it will be visible both day and night, CNP said.

“Through this patented innovation, a company’s logo can be custom-made and illuminated so that it can be seen around the clock on trucks,” according to CNP. “Once a mold is created of a company’s logo, backlit signs utilizing LEDs are produced that adhere to both the tractor and the trailer. This process was created from a one-of-a-kind patent and CNP Signs & Graphics has the exclusive rights to it. CNP can make these signs any size and shape and the resulting product is three-dimensional and very unique.”

Currently, most trucks have flat, non-illuminated signs making viewing, especially at night, difficult. This technology is expected to have a major effect on the trucking industry, affording large and small fleet owners alike the ability to advertise their brand, day and night, according to the company.

The patent for this technology was obtained by attorney Bill Zychlewicz of Armstrong Teasdale Attorneys At Law of Las Vegas, NV, the company said.

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