Dometic, eNow team to cool trucks with solar power

INDIANAPOLIS. eNow announced the launch of its new Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels for the Dometic Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air conditioner. According to the company, the combined eNow-Dometic system is the first solar-powered auxiliary A/C for the Class 8 sleeper trucks.

The system was showcased at the NTEA Work Truck Show March 2. 

eNow technology harnesses the power of the sun to provide electricity to the Dometic Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air conditioner, keeping truckers cool while eliminating the costly problems of idling, high fuel cost, equipment maintenance and CO2 emissions,” said Jeffrey Flath, president and CEO. “The eNow Solar system is specifically designed to keep costs low: Truck fleets can install eNow Solar PV Panels with no upfront cost and a ‘pay as you go’ program. The fleet owner, or independent driver, pays a small fixed monthly fee for the use of the hardware, as well as for the energy they use.”

The eNow solar-powered system combined with Dometic enables a typical Class 8 driver to extend run time and increase savings on diesel costs by adding solar technology to run their Dometic Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air and other truck loads, the company added.

“The Dometic Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air is the coolest and most powerful auxiliary truck A/C, providing a solid 7,000 BTUs of cooling, widely outperforming competitors in both BTU and dehumidification capacity,” said Fernando Meija, national sales manager, commercial and passenger vehicle division of Dometic. “Drivers can now extend driver comfort with increased run time off the unit by harvesting solar energy. eNow’s unique energy management system is one of the most advanced systems available today.”

With eNow, solar power is captured and stored in the on-board battery system and distributed to various truck/trailer functions, such as Dometic Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air. Solar charging systems vary on capacity depending upon the brand of the truck. Using solar to power Dometic Blizzard Turbo auxiliary air increases the life of the truck’s alternator and auxiliary battery system by reducing the alternator load at idle and over-the-road, and charging the battery more efficiently at its optimal voltage.

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