High-temp, high mileage coolant hose offers alternative to silicone

Gates Corp. has released a new heavy-duty coolant hose as a less expensive alternative to silicone or sulphur-cured coolant hoses. The high-temperature, peroxide-cured EPDM FleetRunner Hi-Temp Straight coolant hose is for trucks, buses, and off-road equipment.

It is a high-temperature, high-performance, high-mileage coolant hose with a temperature range of -40 deg. to 300 deg. F.

Its tube and cover are constructed with peroxide-cured EPDM that is higher performing and less expensive than silicone or sulphur-cured EPDM coolant hose. The abrasion-resistant material is designed to resist electrochemical degradation, binds to system components for fewer cold water leaks, and has a lower water permeation rate than silicone hose.

The FleetRunner Hi-Temp Straight coolant hose provides superior performance with a working pressure up to 50% higher than typical silicone coolant hose, offering greater protection for tough fleet and heavy-duty applications, Gates said.

“Like other products in the heavy-duty FleetRunner product line, such as Gates FleetRunner Micro-V Belt and V-Belt, our new high-temperature straight coolant hose is engineered to prolong fleet maintenance intervals, reduce downtime, and provide the best overall cost per mile,” said Mark Kostecki, Gates product marketing manager, automotive aftermarket.

The hose is available in three-foot lengths.

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