Industrial strength cleaner and degreaser

CR Brands has released an industrial strength cleaner & degreaser with a blend of biodegradable detergents formulated for meeting equipment and component parts cleaning applications.

Mean Green includes 40% more cleaning ingredients to quickly dissolve grease and grime, the company said. In addition, Mean Green has doubled the amount of Chelating Agent for all-around performance.

The product cleans a wide variety of parts and machinery and can also be used in dip tanks and parts washers. It cleans heavily soiled products without environmentally harmful solvents and is effective on concrete shop floors, walls, and is ideal for use with pressure washers, CR Brands said.

“The industrial uses for Mean Green are as varied as the industrial sites that we serve,” said director of sales Pat Foley.  “Whether cleaning cutting oil from production parts or degreasing machine tools, or cleaning the plant floor, each facility poses unique challenges.  With its unique formulation and unparalleled strength, Mean Green is proving up to the challenges.”

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