Kalmar invests in parts facilities upgrades

Kalmar announced it has completed projects to enhance operational capabilities, efficiencies and safety at two of its parts facilities in the U.S.

The first project was at the parts operation in Ottawa, KS, expanding the primary warehouse to 9,500 sq. ft., resulting in 40% more capacity for pallet storage and five additional packaging stations.  The expansion also allows for inbound and outbound shipping operations to be separated which improves traffic patterns and safety throughout the warehouse, the company noted.

“With the expansion and new warehouse layout our employees are better able to complete their daily work in a much safer environment,” said David Hopkins, Ottawa Warehouse supervisor.  “Separating shipping and receiving areas was a key to improving the work flows and better enables us to meet our customers’ needs.”

The entire warehouse was also converted to LED lighting for employees. In conjunction with the warehouse upgrades the entire facility received an update to the HVAC system which combined with the lighting updates have resulted in a 30% savings on electric utilities each month.

According to the company, the Monroe, NJ, facility also underwent significant upgrades as part of the signing of a five-year lease extension which will mark 20 years at the current site. Office work areas were upgraded with a more efficient HVAC system along with cosmetic upgrades with new flooring and paint.  Similar to the Ottawa facility the Monroe warehouse also underwent a lighting change to all LEDs, resulting in safer work environments and lower utility costs.

“The upgrades to our facility are an indication of our commitment to the market and fully supporting the customers in the Northeast region,” said Lucinda Bass, Monroe Site Manager.  Randy Vance, director of parts, Kalmar Americas echoed the comments saying, “The investments of the corporation to upgrade our facilities display our commitment to support Kalmar products from cradle to grave while ensuring the safety of our employees.  These enhancements will allow us to grow the services business throughout the region.” 

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