Product combats effects of high mileage

Rislone’s new compression repair with ring seal product is designed to combat low power, poor fuel economy and oil consumption due to decreased compression in high-mileage engines. The product combats these symptoms by fixing gaps and scratches in cylinder walls and freeing stuck rings.

Unlike previous versions that were formulated to treat specific engine sizes, the new compression repair works with any gasoline or diesel engine and comes in a one-size-fits-all bottle.

“We are now able to offer compression repair with ring seal in a single 16.9 ounce bottle that works with any engine,” said Clay Parks, vice president of development for Rislone. “Even under normal use, grooves will develop in cylinder walls and internal parts will fall out of alignment as an engine ages. This product contains a concentrated, proprietary blend of polymers that coats the cylinder wall and restores lost compression. You’ll gain back lost power and notice a difference either immediately or within a few days of driving.”

Blow-by is the air-fuel mixture that leaks past pistons through untreated grooves, gaps and scratches in an engine’s cylinders. Compression repair with ring seal (P/N 4447) eliminates blow-by while also reducing friction, helping to extend an engine’s life, the company said. The product features viscosity improver, which allows it to effectively fill gaps and restore piston ring seals even under the most severe conditions.

To treat an engine, simply pour an entire bottle into the vehicle crankcase every 6,000 mi., or during regular oil changes. The product contains no harmful lead or metal and will not burn off and contaminate emissions components or the environment.

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