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Repair product companies ink deal to share information

INDIANAPOLIS. Two companies dedicated to providing technicians with quick, up-to-date repair information have signed a deal to collaborate on a product designed to take advantage of both solutions.

Mitchell 1, provider of, and Noregon Systems, makes of JPRO Commercial Fleet Products, will launch a new interface that will allow the sharing of important vehicle data, including vehicle identification number (VIN) and diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) between the two programs.

The agreed-to interface will enable Noregon to capture and pass VIN and DTC data into Mitchell 1’s and retrieve the following DTC-related service information:  description of trouble code, related wiring diagrams, component connector views, electrical component locator, testing procedures, removal and installation procedures and DTC-related specifications. 

According to Mitchell 1, this sharing of information will lead to quicker trouble detection and repair information with no additional searching for the correct information. uses diagnostic trouble codes to gather repair information associated with the code. The program contains details specific to the repair such as component location, connector views, removal and installation, wiring diagrams, and specifications. 

JPRO Commercial Fleet Products displays engine, transmission, and braking system information to help technicians identify fault codes and key information for all components on the vehicle. JPRO Commercial Fleet Diagnostics software displays vehicle faults, gives the user the ability to clear faults, provides key data points of interest and allows technicians to quickly toggle between the critical elements of each system. Users can record data into log files for playback, view and chart engine parameters, print reports and launch OEM software and troubleshooting guides with the click of a button.


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