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Utility upgrades trailer side skirt

Introduced just last year, the Utility USS-120A aerodynamic trailer side skirt has undergone two design changes to improve flexibility and durability, according to ­ Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company.  The device has been verified by U.S. EPA SmartWay as an “advanced side skirt,” indicating that it has the potential to reduce tractor-trailer fuel consumption by 5% or more.

The design changes include a new company spring-type attachment for the skirt that bolts to support leg wing plates. That reinforcement allows enough of the forward edge of the side skirt material to seamlessly engage the slip joint for better durability, according to Utility.

The second design modification raises the galvanized high tensile steel braces that connect to the side skirt’s cross members to provide more material below the brace. That change will allow the side skirt to bend and flex more freely on impact, according to the company.

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