DAT introduces real-time rate tools

DAT is now offering RateView, a tool for seeing real-time rates so carriers can identify the highest-paying route options.

RateView allows carriers to see market rates paid by shippers as well as current spot market rates on all lanes in the U.S. and Canada. RateView also automatically suggests backhauls as well as trihauls based on highest paying lanes returning trucks to their point of origin, the company said.

TriHauls take advantage of the most profitable triangle routes that can give carriers options for return trips that pay at a higher rate.

“Not only does DAT RateView give carriers an instantaneous look at market rates for lanes of interest, trihauls transform the image of backhauls. Instead of cheap freight, backhauls become important revenue generating opportunities that also bring trucks and drivers home,” said Don Thornton, DAT senior vice president of sales.

The trihaul feature in DAT RateView takes into account load availability and competing truck capacity at the origin, and suggested intermediate points. Rate calculators let carriers compare the linehaul and fuel surcharges to immediately understand the revenue potential of the trihauls and backhauls under consideration.

Carriers can quickly compare the rates they are being paid against the market rates on lanes they are running as well as explore new lanes. DAT RateView also provides 13 month rate histories, information critical to seasonal trend analysis and for quick and easy RFP response. The simple-to-use lane bulk-download feature can reduce the time necessary to respond to RFPs from hours to minutes.

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