Ryder Fuel Services creates nationwide service network

To help alleviate concerns regarding service management, Ryder Fuel Services has created a nationwide service network of certified contractors trained to keep a fueling site’s petroleum storage and dispensing systems working smoothly and providing increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The service allows onsite personnel to focus on core responsibilities while ensuring that a fueling location’s equipment is operational and that repairs, when needed, are made by trained personnel, the company said.

“The focus of our service management solution is to ensure that the fuel island is operational 24/7/365,” said Pete Cochefski, director for Ryder Fuel Services. “We monitor the fueling operation to make certain that it’s working properly and if it’s not, we handle everything from diagnosing the problem, dispatching the contractor, ensuring the contractor performs the work correctly, and audit the invoice to ensure that labor rates, travel time, travel costs and parts costs are all reasonable and customary.”

As part of the service, Ryder offers:

  • 24/7 Active System polling and integrity testing to ensure data reliability and accuracy;
  • 24/7 System Status Monitoring by trained support center experts that ensures equipment and system reliability;
  • 24/7 real-time System Oversight by experienced personnel who monitor system status for repetitive false alarms and chronic conditions that may prevent monthly compliance;
  • Remote diagnostics, resolution and contractor payments;
  • Consolidated invoices;
  • Warranty tracking;
  • Facility history tracking and trend analysis.


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