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Raising the HD pickup luxury ceiling: Ford unveils Super Duty Limited

There's top-shelf, and then there's opulence. Squarely targeting the heavy-duty pickup crowd that's looking for ultra-lux treatment with their mud-eating haulers, Ford announced the 2018 Super Duty Limited lineup.

Pulling out the stops — and probably a few champagne corks as well — the OEM almost seems to be waving the Super Duty Limited's price point like an elite banner. The starting MSRP including destination costs but excluding taxes and fees for the F-250 Limited 4x4 is $80,835; the F-350 Limited 4x4 is $82,010; and for the F-450 Limited 4x4 is $87,100.

"Customers who check every option box can top one out for as much as $94,455," Ford noted in a release, emphasizing that the Super Duty Limited pickup is "for high-end heavy-duty truck customers — from boat captains to captains of industry."

Naturally, the Super Duty Limited models carry a long list of the latest technology and finessed interior/ exterior treatments. Click through our slideshow to find out more.


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