Transport and fleets on the streets of old Amsterdam

Perhaps nowhere in the world will you find the same convergence of bicyclists, pedestrians, commerce, boat travel, delivery vans, and heavy trucks as in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands and one of the leading financial centers in Europe. The city has managed to stay afloat and evolve into its modern-ancient form despite actually being positioned below sea level.

Fleet Owner was there last week to test out Mercedes-Benz's new Sprinter van on Dutch roads. But before all that took place, why not venture out and see what's to be seen in this busy cultural center? Just don't fall into the canals as you wind your way down narrow lanes and alleys mixed with fast-paced main roads and roundabouts. 

It's a delicate dance of "live and let live" as each vehicle type zips along to its destination respecting — or not — all the others alongside the foot traffic that this city always has.


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