A technician measures the Accuride Gunite Pushrod stroke

A technician measures the Accuride Gunite Pushrod stroke.

Accuride launches installation, maintenance videos

Provides tips for servicing Accuride wheels and Gunite brand wheel end components

Accuride launched a new series of how-to videos to help fleet maintenance technicians properly install and service Accuride’s steel and aluminum wheels and Gunite-brand brake drums and Automatic Slack Adjusters (ASA).

The videos use animation, technical diagrams and step-by-step instructions to walk the viewer through correct procedures for installing and maintaining these components.

Accuride’s new service video series includes:

Accuride Wheel Service Video – Gives customers thorough instructions for wheel installation and maintenance.  The video covers single-piece rims and wheels and includes steps for performing wheel removal by hand and machine, complete visual inspection, wheel end cleaning and preparation, tubeless tire installation and proper mounting of the tire/wheel assembly.

Gunite Brake Drum Service Video – Provides proper installation, inspection and maintenance procedures for genuine Gunite brake drums to maximize their service life and ensure safe, reliable brake system performance in daily over-the-road use.  The video demonstrates how to establish a periodic brake drum maintenance program that will help users recognize common symptoms and make necessary corrections to restore balanced braking performance.

Gunite Automatic Slack Adjuster Service Video – Provides users with all the information needed to properly install, remove, inspect, adjust and maintain the genuine Gunite Automatic Slack Adjusters on their vehicle. 

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