Mahle to sell HD shop equipment, diagnostic tool

LAS VEGAS.  A heavy-duty diagnostics system and a line of heavy-duty shop equipment is being added to product offerings from Mahle Service Solutions, it was announced at Heavy-duty Aftermarket Week.

Mahle, a distributor of fluid exchange products,  is partnering with Noregon on TechPRO, a heavy-duty in-shop diagnostic tool that will be powered by Noregon’s well-known JPRO software. Mahle, which already offers an automotive version of TechPRO, said the new HD tool will provide technicians with an all makes, models, and components solution to diagnose and repair all heavy-duty vehicles and offer a wide range of bi-directional tests.

The new shop equipment line is being designed and built by Gray Manufacturing Co. to be sold under the Mahle brand.  Schedule to go on sale in Feb., it will include heavy-duty stands, floor jacks, vehicle lifts, fluid collection systems and other shop equipment.

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