Bill to end tolls on West Virginia Turnpike passes House

A bill to revoke tolls on the West Virginia Turnpike has passed the West Virginia House by a 97-1 vote. Under the legislation, tolls would end in 2020, a year after the state retires bonds used to pay for the Turnpike, which runs for an 88-mile stretch from Princeton to Charleston.

But the legislation (HB3163) could hit roadblocks in the Senate. Also, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin(D) has suggested the bill would be premature because of a pending study of West Virginia highways, according to a news reportin the Charlotte Gazette.

A five-axle truck currently pays $6.75 in cash, $5.40 with a West Virginia-issued EZ-Pass or $5.87 with a non-West Virginia E-ZPass at Main Line toll plazas. The North Beckley Plaza carries a $1.60 cash rate and an E-ZPass rate of $1.28 to $1.39 for trucks.


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