OOIDA asks for delay in new medical certification program
How clever cops catch mobile phone users - even truckers
The Truck 39N Park system39s home page at wwwi95truckparkingcom
A still from an FMCSA law enforcement training video on traffic enforcement for large trucks and buses
A photo that was posted on the Truck 39N Park project39s Facebook page shows a section of the Interstate95 corridor where heavy trucks often turn to dangerous parking on highway access ramps
Oakley Transport Inc President and CEO Thomas E Oakley stands in front of some of the company39s Volvo VNL tractors If you look very closely at the truck on the right behind the tank at the side is an auxiliary power unit or APU Photo courtesy Oakley Transport
Wrap-up: Heavy trucks at the skid pad, Part II
Heavy trucks at the skid pad, Part I