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"Charging Ahead" Fleet Electrification Education Webinar Series

Accelerate your fleet electrification journey with ABB E-mobility's comprehensive "Charging Ahead" Webinar Series. Join us to uncover expert insights, practical tools, and best practices to convert your fleet into a battery electric fleet!

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ABB E-mobility presents “Charging Ahead” Fleet Electrification Education Webinar Series.

In this five-part series, we will discuss everything you need to know to convert your fleet into a battery electric fleet. Our panelists will draw upon their expert knowledge and what they are hearing in the trenches to provide attendees with the most current actionable information including:

  • What factors are critical for success
  • Practical tools and resources to help you start your electrification journey
  • Best practices and lessons learned from real world fleet and charging infrastructure deployments

We’ve designed the webinars to help answer your most difficult questions and challenges you may face at different parts of the electrification journey.

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Session 1: The Journey to Electric | August 9, 2023 | Register Now

In our first webinar, we'll dive deep into the basics of fleet electrification, breaking the journey down into stages to make the transition as smooth as possible. Our panelists will discuss how to evaluate your business needs and what routes will work best with electric vehicles. We'll also cover the policies and incentives you need to know about, the electric vehicles currently available on the market, and total cost of ownership.

Session 2: Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Planning | September 7, 2023 | Register Now

In our second webinar, our team will discuss the operating profile of electric vehicles, explore financing options, and understand vehicle service needs. In the second half, we’ll focus on the charging infrastructure part of the equation. Learn how to plan for charging infrastructure, the number of chargers you need, what type of chargers, and how to finally select the best option for your organization.

Session 3: Site Assessment and Design | October 5, 2023 | Register Now

In the third session, we’ll discuss how to assess power needs, design your site layout, engage with the utility, and identify other equipment and civil works required for the site. Our experts will guide you on how to consider all the unique factors for your site to prepare for installation.

Session 4: Purchasing and Installation | November 2, 2023 | Register Now

In the fourth webinar, discover where to purchase your equipment, warranties, lead times, and other procurement considerations. Learn about permitting requirements and the common installation mistakes. We’ll conclude with a discussion around timelines and setting realistic construction goals.

Session 5: Operations | December 5, 2023 | Register Now

In our final webinar, we’ll learn how to monitor the status of charging and integrate it into your existing system. Discover how to optimize your energy usage, identify when service is needed, and protect your investment. Our team will guide you on training and maintenance topics so that your site can operate smoothly and reliably with electric vehicles.

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