ACT Research launches online natural gas calculator

ACT Research has launched online fuel payback calculators to allow fleets to determine the diesel gallon equivalent of compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the pump as the commodity cost of natural gas changes.

The calculators are available at

“We believe that the adoption of natural gas fuel for heavy duty trucks will ultimately put real pressure on freight rates as the use of lower cost natural gas fuel can offer significant cost reductions,” said Ken Vieth, senior partner and general manager. “As decision-makers look at how to get to the lowest total cost, they may decide to investigate buying trucks that are fueled by natural gas. These fuel payback calculators are easy to use, and they can quickly tell you the price at the pump for a multitude of different scenarios, comparing diesel to natural gas for a spark, an HPDI, or a DNG dual fuel engine.”

ACT Research has published several white papers on the future of natural gas in heavy duty trucking, with a closer look at what information is needed to make informed decisions. Topics include:

  • The future of NG in heavy duty trucks
  • Fuel systems and fuel choices
  • Maintenance shop considerations
  • A private fleet case study about the start-to-finish transition to a natural gas fueled fleet.
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