Airman offers money-back guarantee on aero device

Airman Inc. is offering to buy back any Wingman air flow control product that does not produce a 5% mpg increase on a 53-ft. trailer.

“Airman is so certain that your rig will get at least a 5% miles per gallon increase that we are offering to repurchase any non-performing Wingman we installed on a clean bottom 53 ft. regular trailer,” said Bob Henderson, Wingman inventor & CEO of Airman.

According to Airman, the Wingman is installed next to the rear axles and moves along with the axles. It is designed to provide high trailer stability in cross winds, spray control in wet weather, cooler running tires and brakes, the company said.

The product’s compact design prevents damage from curbs, railroads, or large elevation changes in skirt-unfriendly docks and does not inhibit under-trailer access, Airman added.

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