Trillium CNG building natural gas station for foodservice supplier

Willow Run Foods, a regional foodservice supplier serving the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, will use a new fast-fill compressed natural gas fueling station in Kirkwood, NY, beginning in the spring of 2014. The station, to be built by Trillium CNG, will serve other fleets in the area as well as the general public, Trillium said.

The high-volume station will be located approximately ½ mile from Interstate 81 and feature two dispensers with room for expansion.

“We specialize in fueling heavy-duty trucks quickly and efficiently,” said Mary Boettcher, president of Trillium CNG. “Our stations feature technologically superior and patented equipment that saves our customers time and money. We’re glad to be bringing this fueling solution to Willow Run Foods and building our CNG network in the Northeast.”

“Willow Run Foods has been concentrating on clean fuel projects for the past few years, and now, we’ll be the first company to use CNG trucks for regional deliveries in the Northeast,” said Terry Wood, Willow Run Food’s president and chief executive officer. “Environmental responsibility is a priority of Willow Run Foods’ and is important to our customers and the communities where they’re located. That’s why we’ll continue to seek projects that are environmentally sustainable in the future.”

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