Indianapolis to lower roads under bridges to prevent truck strikes

As many as 70 trucks have crashed into Virginia Avenue Bridge in downtown Indianapolis in recent years, causing state transportation officials to mount a surveillance camera and plan to lower the roadway to avoid trucks hitting the overpass.

Last week state transportation officials released a video montage of surveillance footage, showing trucks slamming into the bridge over and over and over again.  

The Virginia Avenue Bridge isn’t the only one taking a beating, as several overpasses in the area have been clipped hundreds of times, according to a CBS news report.

“More than 400 collisions have been recorded at seven city street bridges over the I-65/I-70 ‘South Split since 1999, and the frequency and severity of vehicle-bridge strikes has increased in recent years,” said Nathan Riggs, spokesman for the Indiana Dept. of Transportation.

Since repairs after a Feb. 22 crash, the northbound lanes under the Virginia Avenue Bridge has had a clearance of only 13 ft., 11 in. The southbound lanes, where the camera is located, has a posted clearance of 14 ft.

The repair project will increase the vertical clearance at seven area bridges to at least 14 ft., 9 in. by reconstructing and lowering a half mile of interstate pavement.

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