Trucker fights back against knife-wielding attackers

Oregon State Police are looking for two suspects in connection with the stabbing and attempted robbery of a truck driver last Friday at a viewpoint in the Columbia River Gorge.

Edwin “Buddy” Jones was traveling to Portland from Freeport, TX, with a load of fresh pineapples when a multiple truck pile-up on Interstate 84 caused him to pull over to wait out the traffic. Jones climbed out into the 32-deg. cold and 45-mph wind gusts to grab a smoke and walk his Boston terrier, Shooter, the trucker recounted in an interview with Kimberly A.C. Wilson of the Oregonian.

As he headed back to the truck in the freezing rain, two men approached him.

“I figured nothing was wrong because folks often ask truckers for info about traffic,” Instead, Jones said, one of the men demanded money.

When Jones told them he didn’t have money, the second man asked for cigarettes. Although he had a cigarette in his mouth, Jones told them he didn’t smoke.

Just then one of the men pulled out a knife and attacked. Jones — who dabbled in mixed martial arts — blocked the first blow, taking a stab wound in his left palm. Then the man with the knife swung wildly, Jones said, slicing him in the forearm and stomach.

A gust of wind then sent the first man slipping on the wet grass. Suddenly, Jones recalled, he and his armed attacker were on the ground, too. Jones said he tried to grasp the blade, cutting his finger.

Jones said he pulled his left arm back and punched the knife-wielding man in the neck. At 6 ft., 2 in. tall, and weighing about 300 lbs., Jones said he had more than 4 in. and 100 lbs.on his assailants.

Once the man with the knife caught his breath, Jones said, the attacker and his sidekick ran back to a low-slung black sports utility vehicle and drove off.

Bleeding heavily, Jones called 911.

Police are seeking witnesses or information on the whereabouts of the suspects. The first is described as a white male, mid-20s, about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a skinny build, light facial chin hair, wearing a black beanie, grayish-black hoodie sweatshirt and dark cargo pants. The other man is a Hispanic or Indian male, unknown age, also about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a heavy build. There was no clothing description given for the second suspect.

Anyone with information is asked to call 800-452-7888.

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