Washington truckers encourage sober driving

Carlile Transportation Systems in cooperation with the Washington Trucking Assn. and the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, has wrapped a semi-truck with a graphic of a half taxi, half patrol car and the message, Choose Your Ride to remind motorists along the I-5 corridor of the perils of drunk and drugged driving.

A spokesman for Carlile Transportation Systems, based in Tacoma, WA, said the trucking company hopes to remind partiers that nothing kills a good mood like a DUI arrest.

According to a report in the Edmonds Beacon, full-time DUI highway patrol squads are concentrating on impaired driving, which safety officials say is the number one contributing factor to traffic deaths in the state. In Pierce, King and Snohomish County, officers are out in full force as part of Target Zero Teams, according to Darrin Grondel, director of the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

“Carlile Trucking and the Washington Trucking Assn. are other great members on the Target Zero Team,” Grondel said. “They realize it will take the entire community to get us to zero traffic deaths and serious injuries, which is the vision of Target Zero.”

For additional information about the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, visit www.wtsc.wa.gov.

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