GPS enterprise tracking app available for Windows devices

Electric Compass has announced that its GPS tracking app is now available for Windows-based tablets and laptops running Windows 7 and Windows 8. Electric Compass Tracker, which offers a suite of enterprise workforce location tracking capabilities, is now available for all major operating systems for mobile devices, including Android devices, iOS devices, Windows embedded handheld computers, BlackBerrys, installed vehicle trackers and asset tracking devices.

With the system, businesses can track the GPS location of field workers in real-time. This gives IT departments the ability to utilize the same GPS tracking platform across their entire mobile workforce regardless of device or worker role, the company said.

According to Electric Compass, deploying GPS tracking will increase field workforce productivity by up to 12% while reducing fuel costs by up to 30%.

The Windows GPS tracking app available with Electric Compass Tracker allows managers and dispatchers to address issues including:

  • Achieve complete visibility into field operations to increase productivity,  improve safety and save costs
  • Find closest worker to a location to improve response to urgent events such as service calls or sales opportunities
  • Improve worker compliance with safety and track productivity with alerts for speeding, unauthorized travel, entering or leaving designated areas (geofences) and more
  • Gain insight into patterns of field activities with the ability to review full “breadcrumb” history for user location, travel and alerts generated
  • Improve business intelligence through a wide range of reports and schedule report subscriptions for automatic delivery by email
  • Organize field workers into tracking groups based on location and/or job function
  • Provide full security through role-based tracking dashboard login permissions
  • Have anywhere, anytime access to worker locations from the web and our smartphone “supervisor” app

 “The Windows tablet and laptop market has been underserved in terms of GPS tracking applications,” said Michael Forbes, managing director. “The introduction of our Windows tracking app offers businesses increased visibility into field activity and greater control over their mobile workforces. We help enterprises add more tasks per worker per day, cut unnecessary mileage and improve safety through GPS-based tacking and business intelligence.”


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