More state trucking associations endorse PrePass service

Four more state trucking associations —Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and Utah — have endorsed HELP Inc.’s PrePass service, bringing the total to 27 state trucking groups that have endorsed the electronic compliance system.

PrePass is the largest preclearance system in North America, available at more than 300 inspection facilities in 31 states. Through PrePass, nearly 450,000 pre-qualified commercial vehicles can comply electronically with federal and state safety, weight and credential requirements, permitting them to bypass PrePass-equipped inspection facilities at highway speed.

“With truckers having to balance new hours of service restrictions against increased congestion, every minute saved goes directly to the bottom line,” says Karen Rasmussen, president and CEO of HELP Inc., the public-private partnership that provides PrePass. “By even the most conservative estimates, not having to enter an inspection station saves a minimum of five to eight minutes and conserves a half-gallon of fuel. That’s a direct economic benefit of over $8 per bypass.”

“We welcome these new partnerships and look forward to deepening our relationships with these organizations and their motor carrier members as HELP services continue to grow,” Rassmussen said.

“From a state perspective, it’s the voluntary participation by trucking companies that creates value,” added Rasmussen. “These new endorsements reinforce HELP’s belief that PrePass continues to provide the best value carriers seek for secure, reliable technology, with no driver distraction.”

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