Sponsored Content: Keep on truckin’ with in-cab mobile printers

Sponsored Content: Keep on truckin’ with in-cab mobile printers

Whether drivers take advantage of 4” printing for receipts and proof of delivery or full-page printing for permits and eLogs, smart fleet owners find that compact, wireless mobile printers sharpen their competitive edge and boost their bottom line.

Rolfson Oil haspaired mobile printers with iPads to deliver better customer service and improved profitability.

Rolfson Oil’s mission is to meet the fuel needs of companies engaged in oil drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations in North Dakota’s Bakken Shale region. Delivering a range of fuels and drilling fluids round-the-clock to crews moving swiftly from well to well over rough terrain – often in extreme weather – is no easy task. To keep pace, the firm has more than 150 drivers and field technicians and supports about 40 delivery trucks with capacities ranging up to 11,000 gallons.

Each time an order is fulfilled, Rolfson drivers issue a proof-of-delivery ticket ensure to ensure accurate invoicing and accounting. Prior to implementing mobile technology, tickets were pre-printed at a central office before each fuel run. That meant if an order changed or was re-routed to a new destination, as frequently happened, the driver had to recalculate the receipt at the delivery site – a process prone to human error. 

Now, thanks to an automated mobile system designed by Rolfson’s IT team, drivers use an Apple iPad mini tablet to calculate the load and distance and create an accurate proof-of-delivery ticket at the site in real-time. Each driver also has a Brother RuggedJet wireless mobile printer with AirPrint to instantly generate 4” wide tickets without the need for downloads. According to a Rolfson Oil director, the new mobile system has resulted in more accurate and efficient billing as well as given drivers greater flexibility to respond to unplanned and re-directed deliveries – improving both driver and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how Brother mobile printers can drive better results for your fleet. Call 800-543-6144 or visit http://www.brothermobilesolutions.com/solutions/transportation/  Request a Brother mobile printer to try for FREE www.brotherdemo-transportation.

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