For the Driver - Dec 6th, 2023
FleetDrive 360 joins Truckstop Partner Marketplace
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December 6, 2023
CloudTrucks survey reveals what Americans think of truck drivers, what they know about the industry, and tries to settle the debate: is it a semi, an 18-wheeler, or a tractor-trailer?
On the Truckstop Partner Marketplace, there are a variety of trucking-related companies for customers to use. Now, FleetDrive 360 is one of them.

Trail King has always kept one thing a priority, our customers’ success. We don’t just sell trailers. We provide hauling solutions.

Improving communication between fleet managers and drivers can strengthen relationships and help with driver retention.
The nationwide average for diesel fuel fell to $4.029 per gallon this week. But pump prices started to rise along the East Coast, led by increased retail prices in the Lower Atlantic states. Gasoline prices are also beginning to steady.
Federal regulators want to mandate advanced driver assistance systems, such as automatic emergency braking, along with ways to limit or monitor truck speeds to reduce fatal highway crashes. This solution faces obstacles.
10 more ELDs are removed from FMCSA's registered list after failing to meet the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations' requirements.
A new ATRI report breaks down the types of predatory towing practices, how to identify predatory practices in billing, and ways to protect your fleet from predatory tows.