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Chevron deference is gone. What does that mean for trucking?

July 17, 2024
A world without Chevron deference empowers courts to ignore agencies’ interpretations of their own statutory authority, bringing new vulnerability to emissions regulations, FMCSA...
Kyle Wiesen

Recruiter and renaissance woman

July 17, 2024
Kyle Wiesen, recruiter at Grand Island Express, has walked a winding career path. But for her, every day in the trucking industry holds something new.
Emissions & Efficiency

What it takes to build charging infrastructure, according to a utility provider

July 16, 2024
What should a fleet plan for before calling its utility provider about charging infrastructure? Why does it take so long to build charging infrastructure? Representatives from...
Werner Enterprises

A trucker with ambition and accolades

July 16, 2024
Through leadership and awards, Gina Jones proves that women fit just fine in a 'man’s world.'

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