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Nearshoring: What does it mean for trucking?

July 12, 2024
How is nearshoring reshaping U.S. trucking amidst an ongoing freight recession? Will the industry find long-term benefits? Industry Week's Production Pulse examines how nearshoring...
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House funding bills make major trucking policy calls

July 12, 2024
The FY25 funding bills for DOT and HHS make major calls on hair testing, speed limiters, ELDs, and more.
Excellence Peterbilt

Mobile service fuels fleets’ growth

July 11, 2024
Excellence Peterbilt’s mobile service fleet keeps its technicians warm and its customers on the road.

FleetOwner 500: Top 10 private concrete fleets

July 11, 2024
Here is the FleetOwner 500: Private list’s top 10 concrete trucking companies.