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Trucking news related to advances in green efforts and technology, as well as alternative fuel options. This category provides fleets with the information they need to help reach their fuel-efficiency and emissions-reduction goals.

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Emissions & Efficiency

NACFE releases report on the viability of fleets fueled by natural gas

March 26, 2024
In its latest report, NACFE compares natural gas with other fuels and powertrains, discusses the impact of regulations, and offers an economic breakdown of adding the fuel source...
Emissions & Efficiency

Fuel retailers urge FHWA to harmonize state application standards under NEVI grant program

April 11, 2024
Different state approaches to NEVI grant applications could result in disparate, unpredictable consumer experiences associated with EV charging.

Roeth: Where natural gas fits in decarbonizing trucking

April 10, 2024
Every technology has its pluses and minuses, and natural gas is no different. The renewed interest in natural gas as a fuel makes it vital to understand the best applications ...
Emissions & Efficiency

EAVX partners with FCCC to power the Proxima

April 10, 2024
Freightliner Custom Chassis and EAVX partner to launch the Proxima van on both a gas-powered and electric chassis.
Frank C. Alegre Trucking, Inc.
Emissions & Efficiency

GHG3 reality worries fleets

April 9, 2024
"They don't care what we have to say." The EPA's GHG3 rule puts pressure on OEMs, but it's the fleets and owner-operators that will take the brunt of the blow.

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