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Trucking news related to advances in green efforts and technology, as well as alternative fuel options. This category provides fleets with the information they need to help reach their fuel-efficiency and emissions-reduction goals.

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Roeth: The road to a cleaner freight future is paved with collaboration

June 12, 2024
The trucking industry has always been collaborative. But as we continue through these transformational times, we will have to work on a much broader scale with people and entities...


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Emissions & Efficiency

As temps heat up, diesel prices keep dropping

June 11, 2024
Diesel and gas prices have dropped since mid-April, with average diesel pump prices down to $3.66/gal. and gas at $3.43/gal.
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Emissions & Efficiency

New U.S. fuel economy standards for model years 2027-2031

June 11, 2024
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new vehicle fuel economy standards will require heavy-duty pickup truck and van fuel efficiency to increase 10% per year for...
ZM Trucks
Emissions & Efficiency

ZM Trucks secures first 900-unit order for North America

June 11, 2024
Commercial vehicle distributor 32Group has placed its first 900-unit truck order for ZM Trucks’ electric commercial vehicles.
Emissions & Efficiency

Eaton expands U.S. industry education to accelerate fleet electrification

June 5, 2024
Hands-on programs at Eaton training centers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas demonstrate novel approaches to accelerate fleet electrification.