Trucking news to related to fleet safety programs that keep drivers, technicians, other employees, and the general public safe. From complying with drivers’ hours of service rules to research and collision-prevention efforts, a well-thought out and executed safety plan can help fleets reduce risk and their overall operating costs.


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2024 International Roadcheck: What fleets and truck drivers need to know

May 9, 2024
Beginning May 14, law enforcement across North America will be focused on tractor protection systems and alcohol and controlled substance possession by commercial drivers. Here...
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When driver assistance becomes driver distraction

June 13, 2024
Advanced driver assistance systems can make the roads safer. But ADAS is there to help drivers—not replace them. The technology can also lead to driver distractions. Here are ...
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Brake Safety Week scheduled for late August

June 13, 2024
The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance announced that this year’s brake inspection and compliance enforcement initiative will take place Aug. 25-31.
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FMCSA sends $480M to Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program

June 12, 2024
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s largest grant program received $480 million to distribute across the U.S., supporting safety inspections, investigations, audits...
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New York City’s congestion fees plan finds more trucking pushback

June 11, 2024
NYC's congestion pricing plan faces backlash from the trucking industry, which warns of a domino effect on the cost of goods and services. The controversial toll, currently on...

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