Trucking news relating to products large and small that trucking fleets need to run their operations. Additionally, this category provides information about the top executives at these companies.

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Ryder System, Inc.
Emissions & Efficiency

Ryder secures first customers for turnkey electrification solution

Dec. 6, 2023
Ryder will supply electric cargo vans alongside advisers for infrastructure and operational support for two South Florida fleets: Land 'N' Sea Distributing and Servientrega Internationa...
GM Defense
GM Defense HD SUV

GM Defense awarded State Dept. contract for next-gen armored SUV

Dec. 6, 2023
GM Defense's new contract with the State Department incorporates protective armor into the original design and manufacturing of HD SUVs for diplomatic security services.
Ford Motor Co.

Ford CFO: ‘Still a lot of demand’ for commercial equipment, products

Dec. 5, 2023
Spending driven by the IRA and CHIPS acts is setting up a strong 2024 for Ford Pro, which is on pace to double its operating profit this year.

Class 8 orders: ‘Solid, rather than stellar’

Dec. 5, 2023
Preliminary November Class 8 net order figures are most in 13 months, according to ACT. FTR says build slots are filling at healthy rates as market performs at high level historically...
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Can speed limiters and AEB really make highways safer?

Dec. 4, 2023
Federal regulators want to mandate advanced driver assistance systems, such as automatic emergency braking, along with ways to limit or monitor truck speeds to reduce fatal highway...

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