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One of the largest expenses trucking companies have to contend with, this category includes the latest news in keeping vehicles rolling down the highway.

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Kevin Rohlwing

Tire monitoring benefits fleets

May 24, 2024
Long overdue, economics drive TPMS adoption in trucking.


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Department of Commerce imposes 2.35% tariff on Thai truck tires

May 16, 2024
Responding to a petition by U.S. tire factory union workers that allege Thai rubber companies are undercutting the domestic truck tire market, the Department of Commerce is poised...
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Rohlwing: Another EV obstacle—tires

April 5, 2024
Electric trucks wear out tires faster, which adds to TCO. And with few heavy-duty EVs on the road, data is limited as tire-makers work to perfect rubber.

Goodyear introduces new tires for regional delivery fleets

March 5, 2024
The new Goodyear RangeMax RSA ULT and RangeMax RTD ULT tires balance traction, range, and mileage for work vehicles.
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Emissions & Efficiency

Increase fuel efficiency by employing wheel seals with lower friction generation

Jan. 4, 2024
Less friction means better efficiency and less money spent on fuel. But although these seals produce less friction, they don’t sacrifice reliability—in fact, they increase it....

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Jason McDaniel | Commercial Vehicle Group

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