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QuickChat: Telematics Solutions for the Road Ahead

May 26, 2022
Learn how on how telematics and connected technologies are enablers for smart fleets during this QuickChat with Clarience Technologies
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QuickChat: Designing Safety for Commercial Vehicles

July 13, 2023
Kevin Jones of FleetOwner and Lance Bertelle of Autoliv sit down to discuss current shortcomings in commercial vehicle safety and how new technology can be applied to save more...
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QuickChat: How the right battery can impact a trucking fleet

July 7, 2023
Kevin Jones of FleetOwner and Stacey Delzeit of Odyssey Battery / Enersys sit down to discuss idling laws, deep discharging impacts on battery life, and how Odyssey batteries ...
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QuickChat: Identifying the key differences between AGM, thin plate pure lead, gel and flooded lead acid batteries

Dec. 5, 2022
Learn from Vicki Hall at Odyssey Battery/Enersys when to choose each battery technology, whether flooded and TPPL batteries can be mixed, how vibration impacts battery life, and...
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QuickChat: Addressing highway safety challenges in commercial trucking

Nov. 11, 2022
In this QuickChat, learn from Don Burnette, Kodiak Robotics co-founder and CEO, how the kodiakDriver technology has risen to the challenge of solving this complex and pervasive...

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