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Emissions & Efficiency

As temps heat up, diesel prices keep dropping

June 11, 2024
Diesel and gas prices have dropped since mid-April, with average diesel pump prices down to $3.66/gal. and gas at $3.43/gal.
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Emissions & Efficiency

New U.S. fuel economy standards for model years 2027-2031

June 11, 2024
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s new vehicle fuel economy standards will require heavy-duty pickup truck and van fuel efficiency to increase 10% per year for...
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Fuel Economy

Diesel at lowest price since July 2023, gas costs drop

June 4, 2024
The U.S. national average diesel prices were $3.726 per gallon, while the U.S. national average gas prices reached $3.516.
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Uncovering the hidden costs of truck idling that eat away at your bottom line

May 30, 2024
It may seem like a necessary evil to maintain cabin temperatures and power small appliances and electronics inside, but it comes with many hidden costs that can eat away at your...
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Emissions & Efficiency

Fuel demand consistent, national diesel and gas prices down

May 29, 2024
Both diesel and gas price averages remained relatively flat across the country, with the U.S. national average for diesel costs clocking in at $3.758 per gallon while gas sits...

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