Emissions & Efficiency - Dec 6th, 2023
Fuel prices continue weeks' long decline
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December 6, 2023
While some industry groups focus on long-haul electrification hurdles, they ignore the segments ripe for electrification that would make big decarbonization leaps.
Ryder will supply electric cargo vans alongside advisers for infrastructure and operational support for two South Florida fleets: Land 'N' Sea Distributing and Servientrega International.

Westport H₂ HPDI™ runs zero emissions hydrogen fuel in your current IC engine for up to 97% CO₂-free driving. No performance compromises. No changes to the current engine architecture.

The nationwide average for diesel fuel fell to $4.029 per gallon this week. But pump prices started to rise along the East Coast, led by increased retail prices in the Lower Atlantic states. Gasoline prices are also beginning to steady.

Renewable fuels will help drive the world forward. At Chevron, we’re producing renewable diesel made with bio feedstock, that can help lower the carbon intensity of heavy-duty transport fuels, and be used in traditional diesel tanks, today.

Daimler Truck North America begins using its flagship Class 8 EV, the Freightliner eCascadia, within its production and aftermarket logistics operations in the Pacific Northwest. The OEM will rely on its "Electric Island" for heavy-duty charging.

Discover the future of sustainability in your refrigerated vehicle operations. Explore innovative reefer technology to lower emissions and ensure proper temperature-controlled cargo.

With CARB's fleet emissions regulations set to begin in 2024, California fleets are preparing for a zero-emission future and all its challenges.
Ford Pro and Xcel Energy are working together to provide qualifying fleets with private chargers in a new program called the 30x30 Initiative, in which both companies would offer financial and logistic electrification support.
Improving economic viability, driven by cost reductions in advanced technologies like lithium-ion batteries, has helped make energy storage a financially attractive solution.
Regardless of the political winds dictating policy, renewable energy and electrification are part of our energy future.
Approved Oil Company recently secured a multi-year contract to supply New York City fleets with renewable diesel in an “historic” move that aligns with the city’s green goal of reducing carbon emissions within its borders.