Emissions & Efficiency - Jun 5th, 2024
Safety equipment for EVs
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June 5, 2024
After visiting ACT Expo in Las Vegas this past May, we compiled some of the most exciting projects and reveals.
Together with Amerit Fleet Solutions’ network of mobile technicians, the Shyft Group’s comprehensive support network helps facilitate continuous fleet operation and maximum vehicle uptime.
Hands-on programs at Eaton training centers in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas demonstrate novel approaches to accelerate fleet electrification.
At a recent NationaLease meeting, Shaun Loftis, trainer at Autocar Trucks, talked about the new equipment needed for EVs and what safety concerns maintenance teams should be aware of.
The U.S. national average diesel prices were $3.726 per gallon, while the U.S. national average gas prices reached $3.516.
Approximately 300,000 gallons of RNG will be provided by Clean Energy's public station network in Southern California to fuel the fleet.
Hyundai Motor's Class 8 fuel cell electric truck is equipped with Plus' SuperDrive Level 4 autonomous driving technology, with the truck currently undergoing testing in the U.S.
According to Mike Fong, Commerce Director, tribes within Washington possess unique and personal visions to achieve a more equitable climate future
Using hydrogen to power aircraft could ultimately eliminate aviation carbon dioxide emissions in the air while simultaneously decarbonizing air transport support activities on the ground