Heavy Duty Pickup & Van - Sep 14th, 2023
Ford Blue president: Don't write off ICE
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September 14, 2023
How Lightning eMotors is responding to increased EV demand due to government incentives and mandates, all while navigating a still-troubled supply chain and possible UAW strike.
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Kumar Galhotra talks about the possibilities for hybrids, supply chain changes and how operational changes are increasing efficiency.

Trail King’s Durable Grain Hopper trailer has a composite smooth panel construction. The low maintenance composite design and one-piece molded lower hoppers provide an incredibly fast clean-out that is lighter than ever, allowing you to haul more bushels.

How much of your fleet will be made up of electric vehicles by 2025? Take a few minutes to share your plans to help FleetOwner better tailor its coverage for your business success.
Light- and medium-duty electric vehicle startup reaches another milestone with the chassis for the Classes 5-6 EV, announced at Work Truck Week this March in Indianapolis, rolling off the line in company...
Reducing downtime is the main reason fleets invest in maintenance, but the improved fuel economy also can help build the TCO case for investing in preventive maintenance.
Foxconn tried to get its lawsuit thrown out, but the motion was dismissed by a judge.
It’s going to be a long September where collective bargaining is concerned. A new UPS-Teamsters deal got done in July, but automakers and their union face a steep hill to climb with only about a week to go before a possible walkout by 140,000 workers.
ADP Research Institute's quarterly "Today at Work" report debuts the Employee Motivation and Commitment index, with the transportation and warehousing industry showing the least employee satisfaction ...
The latest bump in the national average for the week of Sept. 11: 4.8 cents to $4.54 per gallon. Trucking’s main fuel also rose in nine of 10 U.S. Energy Information Administration regions and subregions.