Heavy Duty Pickup & Van - Oct 12th, 2023
Volvo, Renault to make new electric van company
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October 12, 2023
The Chevrolet Silverado EV work truck began reaching customers in September. The fleet-oriented truck features a range of 400 miles, 754 horsepower, 785 ft.-lbs. of torque, and a tow rating up to 10,000 lbs.
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The groups will join forces to build a new, independent company that will manage the development of an all-new family of electric vehicles.

Trail King’s durable Grain Hopper trailer has a composite smooth panel construction. The low maintenance composite design and one-piece molded lower hoppers provide an incredibly fast clean-out that is lighter than ever, allowing you to haul more bushels.

Steve Burns left the fledgling electric truck maker under a cloud in 2021 but is teaming with his former CFO to buy back much of the equipment and IP for the Endurance truck.

Thousands of data users connect with the right fleets with our complete fleet dataset covering Class 1 to 8. Plus locations for more local opportunities. Use ProsperFleet online. Or call us for custom projects to append your existing data.

According to UAW President Fain, GM has “leapfrogged” the other members of the Detroit 3 in negotiation progress.
Fleets need to focus on the conservation of every tire and retread to get the most out of every wheel position. The tire shortage following the pandemic was just a taste of what could happen if rubber...
Well-maintained vehicles are more likely to be safe vehicles.
To prepare your trucking operations for next year, here are five factors from the larger economy to consider.