Emissions & Efficiency - Oct 25th, 2023
Hydrogen vs. BEVs
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October 25, 2023
“The problem with roadway funding so far has not been EVs—yet,” said an electric vehicle policy advocate. “But it will be soon."
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Having energy independence for the United States will require generation, transmission, and distribution of both hydrogen and electricity as a power source for fleets of the future.

Westport Fuel Systems H₂ HPDI™ can completely convert today’s IC engines to reduce CO₂ by up to 97%. No performance compromises. No changes to the current engine architecture.

Average diesel prices across the U.S. rose by several cents after trending downward for the past two weeks, driven primarily by a 25-cent spike in the Midwest.

Chevron is working to lower the lifecycle carbon intensity of the transportation industry. We’re producing renewable fuels that work in existing engines while supporting partners to set innovative policies for the future. That’s energy in progress.

Timed to back the new International S13 powertrain, Navistar's captive finance company will also help customers transition to battery-electric vehicles with flexible payment plans built around cashflow.
Executives say the work stoppage is costing the company $200 million weekly.
Chevron has agreed to acquire Hess in a stock deal valued at $53 billion, further diversifying the energy company’s portfolio with Stabroek block interests offshore Guyana and adding Bakken, Gulf of Mexico assets to its US portfolio.
Massive sales growth, high profitability: As oil prices rose and transportation demand increased in 2022, energy companies reaped the rewards.
Prices of ethanol and biomass-based diesel RIN credits, the compliance mechanism used for the Renewable Fuel Standard program administered by the US EPA, have each dropped by more than a third recently.
Years of underinvestment and mismanagement in Venezuela will likely limit the country’s crude oil production growth to less than 200,000 b/d by end-2024, despite the US temporarily lifting sanctions, ...
The project will enable Braskem to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 15% by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
This method, now patented by the University of Birmingham Enterprise, is believed to have considerable potential for simplifying the battery recycling process
The HRS will not only offer a complete, end-to-end solution for hydrogen refueling but also help fleet operators and transit companies transition to zero-emission vehicles
UTA is replacing its gasoline powered vehicles with a fleet of 10 Ford E-transit vans.
With ‘weariness’ fading, division CEO Rebecca Kujawa said her teams are booking wins ‘across a broader set of markets.’
"Works with Synop" allows customers to explore what electric vehicle supply equipment is compatible with the company's software. It also ensures users have a direct line to customer support.