Refrigerated Logistic Trends - Oct 27th, 2023
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October 27, 2023
United Natural Foods recently deployed two battery-electric trucks and five regenerative electric refrigerated trailer systems in the Sacramento and Gilroy, California markets—just in time for the peak holiday selling season.
Latest News
Ecolution Power Company, which specializes in sustainable energy technologies, and Avalon Wheeler Freight Services, a Florida-based transportation company, are working together to develop a fleet of “eco-friendly” refrigerated trailers.
Interstate Cold Storage is enhancing operational efficiency by integrating two state-of-the-art reach trucks into its Columbus II facility in Columbus, Ohio.
Peterbilt and Kenworth’s parent company sees an 8% drop in the U.S. and Canada as fleets start to look to ’27 emissions standards. Navistar parent reports slight dip in sales. Both companies’ leaders said the supply chain continues to deliver headaches.
RLS Logistics this year is celebrating its 55th anniversary.
Supplier News
The OptimaLine container refrigeration system offers greater efficiency and performance under varying conditions to lower fleet carbon outputs.
In a partnership with ATA’s Women in Motion, Trucker Path community drivers can use the routing app to locate facilities that meet seven safety categories, including lighting, restroom access, and security.