For the Driver - Nov 8th, 2023
Deadliest Truck Crash States report
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November 8, 2023
Diesel and gasoline prices fell for a second straight week as trucking's primary fuel is down to $4.366 per gallon, nearly a dollar less than a year ago.
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Increasing fatalities involving trucks cause the Truck Safety Coalition to fight for change, and they expect that change to come from the top.
Since rival LTL Yellow folded this summer, XPO's daily shipment count rose by more than 1,000 every month of the third quarter. The growing fleet has plans to keep buying more equipment and real estate...
North American Transportation Management Institute is a closely guarded trucking industry secret designed to help industry pros understand constantly shifting regulations and enhance their safety knowledge.
Kenworth engineers aren't afraid of getting a little dirty while testing and validating trucks. It's a tradition they've passed down throughout Kenworth's 100-year history.
ElectriFi Subscription is based on miles driven with chassis and truck body, charging, physical damage insurance, and maintenance costs bundled into a single monthly payment.
A look at the latest offerings from 10 companies that light up the trucks and trailers rolling across America's roadways.