Heavy Duty Pickup & Van - Nov 9th, 2023
Rivian ups production target
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November 9, 2023
Ford's 2024 F-150 Lightning Pro is available to order. It has new range-extending features including a vapor injecting heat pump and a new on-board charging configuration.
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The electric vehicle maker also announced it will end its delivery van exclusivity deal with Amazon.

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A safety test of four crew-cab pickup trucks revealed that back seat passengers may be at higher risk of fatality than passengers in...
Officials are hoping to develop solutions to common problems arising in the technology’s deployment
The app will allow fleet operators and tire dealers to access essential information for their day-to-day operations, analyze tire wear and tear, choose the most suitable tire for their needs, and quickly access the Michelin product portfolio.
The integration is the first in a series of capabilities that Bridgestone plans to bring to the Geotab Marketplace.
The new analytic platform tracks, analyzes, and correlates tire data with external sources to identify issues such as dangerously worn-out tires. Fleets can use the data for better preventive maintenance.
Diesel and gasoline prices fell for a second straight week as trucking's primary fuel is down to $4.366 per gallon, nearly a dollar less than a year ago.