FleetOwner Top 5 Stories of the Week - Nov 11th, 2023
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November 11, 2023
Increasing fatalities involving trucks cause the Truck Safety Coalition to fight for change, and they expect that change to come from the top.
In a court filing, attorneys for Estes say the shuttered carrier dropped the ball on "myriad maintenance and repair obligations" at 14 properties. The problems at Yellow sites across the nation are holding back equipment auctions, Estes says.

WAA Honor Fleet partners have an incredible chance to give back to veterans and their families while also gaining valuable brand exposure and opportunities for press coverage, public recognition, employee engagement and driver recruiting & retention.

When it comes to setting up charging infrastructure, fleets fall into three buckets: Those that need little help beyond some specs; those looking for early assistance from their vehicle OEM and charging suppliers; and those that want a turnkey solution.
Ford's 2024 F-150 Lightning Pro is available to order. It has new range-extending features including a vapor injecting heat pump and a new on-board charging configuration.
Winterizing your fleet in the fall can save you money and time in January. Here is an in-depth look at 10 actions your fleet can do with its vehicles before the mercury plummets and Old Man Winter throws a wrench in your operations.
Kenworth engineers aren't afraid of getting a little dirty while testing and validating trucks. It's a tradition they've passed down throughout Kenworth's 100-year history.